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Ankle Brakerz 3V3

With the ever-increasing popularity of basketball and 3v3 becoming an Olympic sport, NoTime2Chills Skills Academy has created two variants of the game to offer enthusiasts. As much as we all love a classic basketball game, we offer two styles of 3v3 in our Ankle Brakerz 3v3 series. NT2C's Run N'Gun for and Hoop Junkies 3v3 games are designed for those adrenaline junkies out there who love to be kept on their toes, these 3v3 games are a must-play for you!

Previous Winners

Mens Hoop Junkies Champs- June 2021

Two Fun Formats

Run N' Gun

Semi Full-Court

HOOP JUNKIES copy (2).png
Hoop Junkies

Traditional Half Court

Develop Your Game in a FUN Way!

3V3 basketball offers a fun, hard-to-find environment for today’s youth in which to play basketball. Gone are the days of kids forming their own teams and playing pick-up games for hours at the park.

Today’s basketball players spend most of their basketball time in very structured and controlled settings. With a Ankle Brakerz 3V3 basketball league, players work as a team and coach themselves. It’s the perfect opportunity to work on all positions and all skills in a low-stakes environment.

favorite gray and yellow layup w_

The new way to enjoy your favorite game.

Are you a basketball player looking for new and fun ways to participate in basketball? Grab some friends and sign up for some 3V3 basketball. There are opportunities for boys and girls from 3rd through 12th grade.

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About us

We are passionate about the game. We strive to cultivate a great atmosphere of competition for all players.


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