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Founded in 2010, NoTime2Chill Basketball is dedicated to helping individuals find the joy in playing and learning the game of basketball. Our goal is to provide more than just a casual sports outlet for youth and more than just simple court coaching services. We aim to teach basketball players of all skill levels what it takes to elevate their game to the next level and develop the mentality of a champion. 

NoTime2Chill Basketball believes there are 3 keys to a successful basketball player:

Mentally Tough, Physically Ready,  Fundamentally Prepared.


I have coached and played for over 20 years. I have held a head coaching position at every US Military base that i was stationed, ranging from Oklahoma, Germany, Korea and Japan. I was President of the IBL (Island Basketball League in Okinawa japan. I also was Head coach/ Director of Okinawa Ice Basket Ball club in Okinawa Japan.I typically work with youth, teenagers and adults.

I played point guard and Shooting Guard in college basketball at Macon College in Macon GA. I have played on All Air Force, USAFE All Star, USAREUR Army/AF, All Star/ Tournament Team. I have an extensive history and love for the game.

- Coach Andre




High school varsity Captain
3x MVP Basketball
3x All Tournaments Team
1x All Tournaments MVP
3x MVP Volleyball
2x All Tournaments MVP Volley Ball




3x USAFE Air Force Military Champions 2003-2005 (Europe)
2x USAFE/ USAREUR Coach of the year 2003-2004 (Europe)
1x USAREUR Champion 2004, Runner-up 2005 (Europe)
Osan AFB Christmas Tournament Champions 2010 (Korea)
Camp Hansen Summer League Champions 2012
3x 2nd place MLk Tournament (Pacific Region), Japan 2010-2013
Champions MLk Tournament (Pacific Region), Japan 2013
Island basketball league Coach of the year 2013
2x Camp Schwab Run-n Shoot Champions 2012-13
2x Camp Courtney Invitational Champions 2012-13
3x Camp Foster Hardwood Classic Champions 2011-13
2x Camp Courtney invitational Champions 2012-13
2x MCAS Futenma Shoot-Out Champions 2012-13
2x Camp Kinser Champions 2012-13
2nd place Guam invitational (Pacific Region) 2013




Kadena AB Youth Champion 13-15 yr old 2010 (Undefeated season 12-0)
Kadena AB Youth Champion 13-15 yr old 2013
Island basketball league Summer Shoot-Out Champions 2013



I have known Coach Chilton since 2001 and during that time I have had the pleasure of playing side-by-side with him and coaching against him, but the most rewarding times were coaching alongside him! He is an extreme professional and his mastery of the fundamentals of the game along with his ability to motivate players makes him a great coach and mentor for players of all ages and talent levels. Coach Chilton’s ability to assess an individual players strengths and areas of improvement and subsequently build a development plan specifically for that player is a true talent that only the best coaches possess. His game planning and strategic thinking was critical to our team’s success as the 2010 PACAF Champions. Great coach, great mentor, great strategist…great leader!


-Kaleth Wright/ Command Chief Master Sergeant, USAF

Coming into the Air Force I was always an athletic kid. Playing with andfor Andre Chilton helped me understand the game in a way that I could maximize the use of my athleticism, while also expanding my skill set into ball handling and shooting. With the assistance of him as a friend and mentor I developed into a player that has won many different championships in different theaters throughout the U.S.A.F. The work ethic, focusing ability, and leadership skills that I learned from him are ones that I still use to this very day.


James Turner

During my time as a Coach and a player of the game have I never met anyone as devoted to the game and helping others get better as I have seen in Coach Andre Chilton aka. Big Chilli! Coach Chilton was very supportive of every aspect of basketball during his time in Okinawa as a player and then in coaching. He took over the Oki Ice program from Coach Raymond L. Broughton , a program I formed in 2007 and Ray and Andre took it and made it even better to help the ballers here in Okinawa get better. Coach Chilton was also instrumental in helping my team the Ryukyu Golden Kings with getting our players ready for our season. He participated and helped organize some great ballers to include himself to come to our pickup games and help to make us the Championship team we are today! Thanks Coach Chilton! Continue to share your superior knowledge of the game! Thank you Coach Keith Richardson.


-Coach Keith Richardson, Ryukyu Golden Kings

Playing with and for Coach Chilton aka Big Chill was one of the most informational and enjoyable experiences I’ve had during my years of playing. He instills a level of confidence in you that some never knew they had. He tweaks your strengths and builds on your weaknesses. To have him as a friend/mentor helped me pass on the knowledge I have obtained to my kids and other kids I’ve had the pleasure of coaching. #NoTime2Chill is #REAL


-Antoine Walker

Playing with and being coached by Andre Chilton has been a great experience. He has taught me a lot about the game. His knowledge has been able help me develop a wide variety of skills. Till this day I still apply everything he taught when I step on the courts.


-Rodney Martin

As a friend, coach, and mentor Andre Chilton has helped guide me from being a player into a coach of my own. His unique styles and techniques allows and player to be able to learn and enhance their skills or their weaknesses. A great honor to play alongside, for, and learn from him.


-Brandon Mookie Davidson

Playing for Big Chill was one of the best things to happen to me and my game. His competitive spirit is contagious and he brings the best out of you everyday. He had so much confidence in my jump shot that I felt I could hit from anywhere on the court!!!


-Vaughn Williams

Coming out of high school I was still a frail skinny kid trying to find my spot in the basketball world. Andre Chilton coached me in 2008-2009 and taught me a low post game as well as a 15 foot jumper. Allowed me to play my game and turn into a all around player on the court. Thank you for helping me live out some great dreams with that ball in my hand.


-Julian Spencer Phillips
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