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Mega Bumper Extravaganza

Welcome to the "Mega Bumper Extravaganza" – where the thrill of competition meets the chaos of a mega battle royale! Compete in a 3, 4, or 5-player competition of Bumper Soccer or Turf War, where you and your teammates must unite to protect your turf in an epic showdown. 

Engage in the ultimate clash where strategy, teamwork, and adrenaline combine to create a mega-sized Bumper Soccer battle. In Turf War, navigate the arena as you defend your territory until one team conquers the other in this intense, larger-than-life competition.

Get ready to experience the Mega Bumper Extravaganza – where the excitement is amplified, and victory takes on a whole new dimension. Brace yourself for a bumper-packed adventure that challenges your skills and camaraderie in a battle that will be remembered long after the dust settles. Are you prepared to conquer the mega arena? Join us for an extravaganza like no other! 

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NT2C Party Zone Events includes all your kids' party needs. Your private party allows you to choose a variety of party options from our many ways to play...

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